What's up?

How can I get access to the application?

You will receive an email with an invitation to register for the application. Have you not received an email? Please contact your company's representative or send a message to info@newu-app.com Are you a curious individual? Then you can send an e-mail to info@newu-app.com! We're looking forward to helping you build healthy habits!

Where can I share my thoughts on the application?

There are 3 ways of doing this. 1. You can send an email to info@newu-app.com 2. You can use the contact form within the applicaton. Go to "My Account" and then to "Settings". Here you will find a contact form. 3. You will receive a feedback form per email in which you can share your thoughts. Thanks for your input in advance!

Where can I find the application?

It's really simple! Go to www.newu-app.com. Here you can log in to the application!

How can I download the application?

Go to www.newu-app.com. Click on settings. Click on "Add page to". Click on "App screen". Click on "Install". The text may vary per phone type. A shortcut will be created on your phone menu.

How can I create a shortcut to my phone menu?

Go to www.newu-app.com. Click on settings. Click on "Add page to". Click on "App screen". Click on "Install". The text may vary per phone type. A shortcut will be created on your phone menu.

I have forgotten my password, what can I do?

Go to www.newu-app.com. Click on the top of your screen on Reset your password and fill in your email address. You will receive an email to reset your password.

If you don't receive an email within 24hours, please send an email to info@newu-app.com.

What kind of habits are suggested?

The habits that are suggested are about nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental well-being, and the use of toxic substances such as tobacco and alcohol. All the habits in the application are grounded in high-level scientific research.

In what way does the application help me form healthy habits?

In the content & features of the application a variety of motivation theories, behavioral change techniques and nudging techniques are used to help you create healthy habits. Your autonomy is importnat to create healthy habits. Therefore you can design your own personal habit list.

How long can I track my habits

You can track your habits as long as you want. What level can you get to?

How long does it take to build healthy habits?

How long it takes to build a habit depends on several factors.

1) The person
2) The complexity of the habit
3) The previous experience with the habit
4) The social and environmental situations of the user
5) The number of repetitions done when doing the habit
6) The strength in which the habit is reinforced

It's hard to pinpoint it down to a digit. Just keep on track, it will get better every day!

What will be done with my data?

We use your data to make sure your application functions properly. This includes the storage of your habits, the engagement in company challenges, and the display of your statistics. We also analyze the collective data to see how the application is used. We do this to optimize the quality of the content and the quality of the application features.

I have another question.

Please send your question to info@newu-app.com so we can answer your question.

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