NewU for organizations

Boost the health and performance of your company or educational institution.

Improve health from home.

Simple to implement.

Portal to costumize the app.

Adapting to your feedback.

What are your benefits?

At home & at work

NewU gives you the opportunity to work on your health both at home and at work.

Enhance performance

By improving your health, both your physical and cognitive performance will improve. NewU offers challenges for every level ranging from beginner to experienced.

Improve team cohesion

As a company, you can access your portal where you can create tailor-made challenges. This offers you a variety of opportunities.

Healthy partners

Simple procedure

For a short demo presentation, fill in the form and we will schedule an introduction meeting.

The second part is to brainstorm and plan how we can improve the app and integrate it with other health projects.

The final part is to launch the app and give workshops to get your company started.

I want a healthy and active company

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