Are you about to improve your health? Which archetype are you? 💡

There are several archetypes when it comes to tackling health problems. Firstly, you have the planner. The planner has every detail planned out. Secondly, you have the doer. The doer often starts right away and doesn’t like planning beforehand. Lastly, you have the doubter. The doubter wants to change but is hesitant to do so.

All these archetypes need specific skills. The planner might lack the execution, skills, and drive of the doer. While the doer might be able to benefit from a better plan. The doubter lacks the tools to determine the pros and cons to overcome their doubts. 🧩

Since every person is different, a personalized approach is needed. Every archetype needs encouragement to use their strengths for the better. In addition, they need the tools to provide them an easy way to strengthen their weaker links.

Techniques used in positive psychology, such as identifying your strongest feature to improve in other areas can help achieve this balance. ⚖️

What is your approach? Are you trying to make something good into something great? Or is your focus on improving your weak points? Are you using your strengths to accomplish this?


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