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Empowering health around the globe by empowering habits, are you joining? 🍎🌎

Just over a year ago we started this adventure called RabbitQuest. We met each other during a training program at one of Amsterdam’s rowing clubs called Okeanos. During this phenomenal year full of competition, physical and mental challenges, and the beginning of a lifelong brotherhood, we discovered a shared passion: Helping people to live healthier lives and enhance their sports performances.

As we were interested in the fields of nutrition, lifestyle, psychology, we decided to start writing a book. “Mastery of nutrition”, led to workshops, workshops led to 1-on-1 coaching, and coaching led to bigger dreams. We decided that to help as many people as possible, we needed something more scalable.

And so the idea of NewU was born. The app enables U to improve in a fun, easy, and effective way. As an application that combines cutting-edge science on nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, toxins, behavioral change, and motivation with smart technology ‘NewU’ will enable everyone to build healthy habits anywhere at any time. 📱

Are you curious? We are looking forward to helping you build healthy habits! 💪

Healthy regards,

Gijs and Bart

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