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The RabbitQuest AlgorithmⓇ

The unique AI algorithm finds the habits that suit you best. It looks at the overlapping part of the three most important questions on behavioural change.

What should you do?

What do you want to do?

What can you do?

NewU app looks at your current status and helps to find the path to reach your goal

Combines the cutting-edge science of every health domain

Looks at your goals and ambitions, now and in the future

The health domains

Empower  your health by empowering your habits

Discover and create the right habits. Challenge yourself and your friends and empower your health.

What is the impact we want to make?

What is NewU?

Habit forming

Health app that focuses on the formation of healthy habits


Combines cutting edge science on nutrition, movement, sleep, stress, and toxins with the science on behavioral change and motivation

Smart tech

Uses smart technology to find personal steps towards a healthier life 

A holistic approach to health 

Learn more!

Learn more!

Helps people worldwide to regain control over their health

Global transformation

The central point of health

Connects all your health devices into one point

Finds the best approach, for everyone, everywhere, at any time

Boost your health

Partners that help shape the future


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