Chief Technical Officer

As Chief Technical Officer you are responsible for guaranteeing the quality of the technical side of the product. In the early stage, the product will be outsourced to a reliable development company. In this stage, you will participate in specifications interviews with the development parties, take a critical look at estimations from different development party’s and ensure the planning is executed as discussed. In the follow-up stage, the development will be done in-house.  If your performance evaluation is positive, you will be head of the technical department. Responsible for full project development. You will be involved in the process of hiring developers, data-analyst, and experts on artificial intelligence.

Function: Part 1: B2B MVP development

  • Participation in blueprint finalization

  • Participate in specifications interviews

  • In-depth analysis of estimations from different development parties

  • Ensure execution of planning as estimated

Function: Part 2: B2C development

  • Responsible for technical management of the full project

  • Involved in the process of hiring development team, data-analyst, and AI-expert

  • Training and education of development team

  • Coding B2C-app together with the development team

Whom are we looking for?

  • Young and motivated

  • Growth mind-set and steep slope of the learning curve

  • A technical way of thinking

  • Part-time involvement, 2-3 days a week

  • Flexible work hours to meet the start-up environment

  • Basic to advanced knowledge on application development

What’s in it for you?

  • An ownership stake in the company based on commitment and skillset

  • Access to RabbitQuest self-improvement coaching program

  • Being part of a fun and winning team

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